Add math excitement, one story at a time!

Math Stories offer children math insights and surprises that capture their imaginations and motivate them to come home eager to share:

“I can hold infinity in my hand!”
“Odd numbers hide in squares!”
“Parallel lines can meet!”

Feedback from parents:

“She was excited to explain it to her brothers at home.”
“I was surprised how advanced the math was and how so very easily my son grasped it all.”
“I loved to watch her excitement and complete understanding.”
“I want more homework like this!”



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We have 8 cool Science Stories.

In Nokomis Shines, Nokomis, the Ojibway Sky Woman, helps the Three Little Pigs discover a massive dump of plastic trash floating in the ocean, which is about the size of Quebec. What will the Three Little Pigs do about this? What will your students do?



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See a demo

See an interactive demo of Math Waves, in english, en français, y en español. Learn math - learn another language!


An example

Can you hold infinity in the palm of your hand? While exploring area representations of fractions 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 … and so on, teachers use the Smart Math Story To Infinity and Beyond (a retelling of Rapunzel) to help children discover that an infinite number of fractions fit in a square … and create visual and concrete artistic patterns to share their knowledge with family and friends.

Children thirst for experiences that capture their imaginations, that offer them the pleasure of insight and surprise, and motivate them to come home eager to share:

“Mom, let me tell you what we did in school today!”


The story advantage

A story is easy to use. It serves as a lesson plan. There are natural places to pause for hands-on investigation and discussion.

Story settings, and the math ideas they introduce, are memorable.  They motivate children to attend deeply and participate actively.


Free lesson plans

Classroom-tested lessons plans for all Math and Scince Stories, with ready-to-use activities for students.



Good Stories, Good Math

Great book for K-8 teachers who want students to develop math and communication skills for sharing cool math stories.

A powerful, classroom-tested model for teaching mathematics, by George Gadanidis, PhD.

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Why you Hate Math - and how to Feel the Love

A clue to why many people dislike, fear and even hate math, lies in your answers to the following quiz. Give it a try.

Which of these statements are true?

  -  Parallel lines never meet.
  -  You can never hold infinity in your hand.
  -  2 plus 2 is always 4.

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